Château de la Borie is located 5 kilometers south of Limoges on the sloping hills of the Limousin. A garden, a lake and a forest surrround the 16th century building. The château and its annexes offer a program for contemporary art with exhibitions, artist films, lectures and courses contemporary art. Rental of the location is possible for groups. For more information click here.
La Borie is less than 10 minutes away from the A20 motorway from Paris to Toulouse, just off Limoges.
The Limousin was the first region in France where the FRAC (Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain) started; the famous French system that came into life under Jack Lang’s ministry in the late eighties.
The region hastherefore  a reputation to be uphold and you can find many contemporary art jewels in the environment of La Borie.
During the art season (generally from March until December) there are many places in the regio where you can find contemporary art, often located in interesting chateaux or natural venues.



La Borie is an initiative of Ardi Poels, gallerist, art advisor and curator located until 2017 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. (See also www.theridder.com.)


Please contact us here to have a list with some of the wonderful places to stay in the city or ‘a la campagne’.
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