Image credit: Pierre Huyghe, Aquarium, 2013.

The domain de Château de la Borie offers an enchanting environment to learn more about contemporary art. You can follow here an inspiring Course Contemporary Art of one week that focuses on perceiving and collecting contemporary art.

During 6 meetings in the morning you will discover the most recent tendencies in art, its historical roots and learn everything about the art market, the art fairs and galleries. In the afternooons you will visit surprising venues for contemporary art, hidden as beautiful gems in the natural and unspoilt surroundings of the Limousin.

The Limousin was the first region that established a FRAC (Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain) in the early nineties. This famous French system that came into life during the ministry of Jacques Lang in the late eighties established a reputation to be uphold for contemporary art in the region that is worth discovering. During the week you will visit exciting venues, enjoying at the same time the beautiful natural surroundings, its châteaux’ and its delicious restaurants.

There are many possibilities for a hotel nearby and we will provide you with a list with a lovely selection in different categories.

There are two different courses: one for the art lovers who visit museums and galleries and who are interested in finding out how to perceive contemporary art.

The other course is for the real art passionado’s who spent already a lot of their time visiting galleries, art fairs,  museums and biennials. Who already know the main trends and the  interesting artists that came on the scene in the last decades and who sometimes may also be collecting contemporary art. They can immerse themselves at Château de la Borie a whole week in the contemporary art, broaden their knowledge and sharpen their intuition and discuss at length known artitst and discover many new artists.

There is also the possibility offered for a custom made private course for one or two people.

Courses are given in Dutch, English and French language.

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